Crucible 1.0.3

On continue avec les correctifs après le lancement de Crucible. La mise en place de ce mini-patch se fera ce mardi 20 Decembre durant la maintenance.

Patch notes for Eve Online: Crucible 1.0.3

To be released Tuesday, December 20, 2011. The following are the relevant file sizes for client updates:

  • Windows from Crucible 1.0.2 to Crucible 1.0.3 is 7.3 MB
  • Windows full client 4.8 GB
  • Mac from Crucible 1.0.2 to Crucible is 1.0.3 is 8.7 MB
  • Mac full client 5.7 GB


User Interface

  • The right click menu now correctly updates with changes to Corporation Locations made by other players without having to open the People & Places window first
  • An issue with the Station Services window occasionally disappearing when docking has been fixed.
  • Reintroduced distances for bookmarks while in the Solar System map and added a hint bubble for bookmarks too.
  • Training time now displayed in days rather than months.
  • A display issue with the timers in the Skill queue has been fixed.

Agents & Missions

  • Expired 'expedition' missions can now be removed from the Journal.
  • A text issue with the right click menu while on Courier missions has been fixed.

Markets & Contracts

  • A text issue with contracts that require attention has been fixed.
  • A display issue with blueprint originals included within contracts has been fixed.
  • AT&T gives up on $39 billion bid for T-Mobile USA

Character creation and customization

  • An issue which occurred when entering recustomization while the full body preview window was open has been fixed


  • Customs offices now emit sound when in their immediate vicinity
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