Mise à jour 1.3

CCP prépare l'arrivée de Dust 514 avec cette mise à jour. Les combats qui auront lieu sur les planètes de Dust 514 participeront à la prise de contrôle des systèmes solaires dans EVE Online. Cela concernera uniquement le Factional Warfare dans un premier temps.



  • The market has been seeded with infantry equipment however current trade restrictions prohibit the sale of such items to capsuleers.

Planetary Districts

  • New locations called "Districts" have been added to temperate planets in high security and factional warfare systems and are visible from space.
  • Districts can be warped to via the planet context menu.
  • A district satellite is visible while in orbit above a district in space.
  • District satellites will appear globally on the overview while there is a ship on grid with it, including cloaked ships.
  • A new group is available in the overview settings called Satellites, which can be used to show / hide them from your overview.

Factional Warfare

  • Planetary districts are future Dust514 battle zones, and impact Factional Warfare System Capture Status in a solar system.
  • Each district owned by a particular Factional Warfare faction affects the number of Victory Points needed to move a Factional Warfare system into a vulnerable state.
  • If a district owner is the same faction than the one controlling the Factional Warfare system, the number of Victory Points needed to put the solar system into vulnerable mode is increased
  • If a district owner is the opposing faction than the one controlling the Factional Warfare system, the number of Victory Points needed to put the solar system into vulnerable mode is decreased
  • Each temperate planet in Factional Warfare space contributes by 12.5% to the System Capture Status Victory Point pool, for a maximum of 50% Victory Points in Factional Warfare solar systems with four temperate planets.
  • Until DUST514 is fully implemented on Tranquility, planetary districts have been set to belong to the NPC faction that traditionally owned the Factional Warfare solar system before players interference.
  • An icon has been added below the System Capture Status bar to represent this new information.


  • Raa is a 0.3 solar system located in Factional Warfare space.
  • Raa has 3 temperate planets, each having a certain number of districts. Each planet affects the System Capture Status by 12.5%, for a total of 37.5%.
  • Districts have been set to the NPC faction that historically and traditionally owned the solar system before player interference, in this case the Amarr Empire.
  • With such changes, it means the system will require 37.5% more Victory Points to capture if owned by the Amarr Empire FW militia, or 37.5% less Victory Points to capture if owned by the Minmatar Republic militia.
  • This change may move a FW solar system in or out of a vulnerable state after the patch depending on how many temperate planets are present during deployment time.


Character Creation and New Player Experience

  • An issue with the Caldari Achura females bra straps always being visible has now been fixed.
  • A texture issue with female coats has been fixed.
  • A colouring issue with the male vest jacket has been fixed.
  • A tucking issue with the male Sterling shirts has been fixed.
  • An issue with missing sections on characters in stations has been fixed.

Player Owned Structures, Outposts and Stations

  • Calendars will now show the correct fuel values remaining for POS towers in empire space.


  • Fixed an issue where an enemy ships lock on your faction Infrastructure Hub in Factional Warfare would not be broken when defending the system.

Graphics General

  • Renai tailors have renovated their esquire line of jackets ensuring that the shoulders are firmly stuck to the sleeve and their owner. The female esquire jacket should no longer display a gap between the upper arm and the jacket.
  • Mesh clipping on the womens Acquire ´Structure´ Skirt has been reduced.
  • Occasional white flashes on cargo jettison with some graphics cards were fixed.
  • Enabling anti aliasing in the game menus has now an effect in the Character creator.
  • Fixed an issue with graphical corruption of the Caldari station wreck asset.
  • The planet wide 'oil spill' effect has been cleaned up on Dantbeinn II - the local environment is in a much better state now!
  • Resolved an issue where the medium ship LOD was not released from memory.



  • Removed visible gaps from some clothing items were removed.
  • A selection of small geometry holes in Captains Quarters character clothing got fixed.
  • Sleeper drones now have more than one missile damage area.
  • Bombs detonation visual effect matches now server side hit information.
Source : http://community.eveonline.com/updates/patchnotes.asp?newpatchlogID=73456

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